Heart For Mayweather vs Mosley

In boxing all men are not created equal and certain fighters have more heart than others. This Saturday when the opening bell for the Mayweather vs Mosley live stream fight sounds it is almost inevitable that a test of wills will ensue at certain points of the bout.

Both of these ring legends talk with extreme confidence in their abilities but which truly is the bigger warrior inside? Our boxing picks staff took an in-depth look inside these two gifted athletes to find out which has the bigger ticker.

Boxing Picks Analysis: Floyd “Money” Mayweather likes being undefeated to a fault. Throughout boxing their have been world-class pugs that were allergic to taking on the bad asses of their division at certain points of their career.

Mayweather, along with Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr. and even Sugar Ray Leonard have dodged opponents. Shane Mosley has never dodged anybody. This fact is one reason why we believe that Mosley is actually more confident in his fistic abilities.

Floyd knows his strengths and weaknesses to a tee and that has served him well over his brilliant career. As cocky as the “Pretty Boy” is however, he knows that his brittle hands, lack of one-punch KO power and unwillingness to take one to give one make him mortal.