UFC 113 SOPCast

It's time to SOPCast once again. Why? Because I want to watch UFC 113 live stream video online tonight. From Abu Dhabi, UFC 113 goes to the largest city in the province of Quebec - Montreal. UFC 113 live stream match will start at 22:00 ET or 19:00 PT.

UFC 113 live stream presents the UFC light-heavyweight champion rematch or the part 2 bout between Lyoto Machida and Mauricio Rua. Shogun Rua gets another shot to steal Machida's light heavyweight belt.

The two fighters first met on UFC 104 where Machida won via a controversial unanimous decision: 48–47, 48–47, 48–47. Most of the UFC fans said that Shogun should have won the match but that's not what the judges saw in the fight.

According to California State Athletic Commission, Machida won $200,000 with no win bonus while Rua won $250,000. Due to the controversial win of Machida, Rua received his full pay including his win bonus.

Though, Rua seemed to have dominated the fight in UFC 104, he wasn't able to takedown Machida and maybe that's what the judges wanted to see but it didn't happen.

Machida controlled the fight and reamined focus. In order to wash away all the controversies that happened in UFC 104, Machida and Rua should face each other again to prove who deserves to be the Light Heavyweight champion.